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Car Freshener Air Vent Clip

Car Freshener Air Vent Clip

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As a mom on-the-go, every minute in your day counts, and so should the atmosphere of every drive.

Turn your car into an oasis of luxury with our Chic Flower Car Freshener Air Vent Clip.

Designed with unique, handcrafted flowers, each clip promises not only style but an enduring wave of clean, captivating fragrance that turns every car journey into a delightful escape. Say goodbye to overpowering and artificial scents. Our eco-friendly solution is infused with a selection of luxurious fragrance oil blends that release a fresh, long-lasting aroma, elevating your daily commute or those endless errand runs.

5ml pure fragrance oil is included for easy rescenting, allowing you to control the intensity of the scent. Whether you prefer a subtle whisper or a robust bouquet, simply adjust the number of drops to tailor the aroma to your liking, ensuring this car freshener outlasts any others you've used in the past. This long-lasting fragrance ensures your car remains a refreshing sanctuary, even amid the hustle and bustle of motherhood. Our Chic Flower Car Freshener makes each drive a tranquil getaway, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Flower Rescenting Instructions

To refresh the scent of your flower car freshener vent clip after the initial fragrance fades, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the flower from your vent by gently pulling it off.
  2. Hold the clip securely.
  3. Apply 2-3 drops of fragrance oil on the back of the flower petals in a spot where the airflow from the vent will directly hit them.
  4. Allow a moment for the oil to fully absorb into the petals.
  5. Place the flower back onto the vent.
  6. Enjoy the renewed fragrance in your car!

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