Frequently Asked Questions

How does PureMagtrix work?

When magnesium combines with water, it forms an ionized alkaline water solution. This solution effortlessly permeates fabrics, effectively removing dirt, grime, and odors, all without the need for harsh or toxic chemicals.

Conventional laundry detergents often rely on harsh and potentially harmful chemicals to achieve cleanliness, leaving behind residues that can expose us to unnecessary toxins. In contrast, PureMagtrix offers a more eco-friendly and safer approach to achieving clean, toxin-free laundry.

What's inside the PureMagtrix laundry sachet?

It contains nothing but 99.9% pure magnesium. To guarantee quality, we subject each batch of magnesium to rigorous testing by an independent third-party laboratory.

How long does each PureMagtrix sachet last?

Each sachet is reusable for a minimum of 300 washes, and frequently exceeds this threshold, often providing most households with a year's worth of laundry washing. We take pride in our commitment to under-promising and over-delivering!

How do I know when it's time to replace my PureMagtrix Sachet?

The ideal time to replace your PureMagtrix Sachet is when its weight falls below 80 grams (2.8 ounces). Just use a kitchen scale to weigh your sachet.

What do I do with the remaining magnesium in the sachet?

Don't throw away your used PureMagtrix Sachet! You have options:

  • You can use the used sachet alongside a new one for enhanced cleaning power.
  • Toss it in a warm bath for a skin-softening soak.
  • Plant the remaining magnesium in your garden or potted plants to enrich the soil.

Will PureMagtrix remove stains?

PureMagtrix works wonders in getting rid of your everyday dirt, grime, and odors. While it can help with simple stains, it's not a dedicated stain remover. For those stubborn stains, we recommend using an eco-friendly, chemical-free stain remover. We suggest our handmade stain stick!

Will PureMagtrix whiten clothes?

No, PureMagtrix does not include harsh chemicals for brightening effects. For a natural brightening effect, we recommend using a substance like sodium percarbonate.

Optical brighteners are chemicals often added to laundry detergents and various products to enhance the appearance of fabrics, making them look brighter and whiter. They function by absorbing ultraviolet light and then emitting it as visible blue light, which conceals the yellowish or dull appearance of fabrics, creating the perception of cleaner and brighter clothing.

What does your laundry smell like with PureMagtrix?

PureMagtrix doesn't add any fragrance, so your laundry will have a natural, clean, and fresh scent. This makes it a great choice for people who want to avoid harsh chemicals, for babies, individuals with skin sensitivities or allergies, and those who are sensitive to strong scents.

What if I want my laundry to have a scent?

No problem, you have options!

When using PureMagtrix, you can add your preferred scent in these ways:

  • Lightly mist your laundry with our linen spray.
  • Apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend to dryer balls.

Will PureMagtrix damage my clothing?

Not at all! PureMagtrix contains no harsh chemicals. In fact, it might even extend the life of your garments and won't leave any residue behind. When you start using PureMagtrix, it can even help get rid of residue from regular detergents, making your fabric feel just like new. Remember to follow the care instructions on your clothing labels.

I wash large loads of laundry. Will PureMagtrix be effective?

If you frequently deal with larger loads, you can enhance PureMagtrix's cleaning power by using 2 PureMagtrix Sachets. Much like traditional powder and liquid detergents, larger loads demand more detergent.

Does PureMagtrix work in hot and cold water?


Is PureMagtrix safe for delicate fabrics?

Absolutely, PureMagtrix is suitable for hand-washing delicate fabrics and is much gentler on the fabric compared to conventional laundry detergents loaded with harsh chemicals.

Is the magnesium in the sachet a fire hazard?

No, magnesium does not ignite below 600 degrees Celsius.

Is it ok if PureMagtrix ends up in the dryer?

While it won't diminish its effectiveness, we advise against placing your sachet in the dryer. Repeated exposure to the dryer can weaken the fabric and potentially result in a hole.

Why isn't the sachet cleaning my laundry as effectively as before?

The cleaning power of PureMagtrix can decrease over time due to the oxidation of the magnesium granules on the surface. To prevent this, we recommend revitalizing your sachet monthly.

Directions To Revive Your Sachet:

Submerge sachet in distilled white vinegar for 4-5 minutes, thoroughly rinse with water, and air dry.

Don't panic, there will be a reaction that increases the temperature of the vinegar and hydrogen bubbles/gas will be created.

It's kind of fun doing this with your kids.

Can PureMagrix be left in the washing machine?

We advise against leaving your sachet in the washing machine when not in use.

Prolonged exposure to moisture can hinder the drying of magnesium, leading to increased surface oxidation, which can reduce the sachet's effectiveness and lifespan.

I accidentally left my sachet in the washing machine. Did I ruin it?

Nope! However, we recommend a simple "reviving" process when this happens. his ensures any potential oxidation is removed and helps your sachet maintain its optimal performance.

Is it necessary for Puremagtrix to dry out between each laundry load?

No, you can use Puremagtrix for consecutive loads of laundry. When your done doing laundry, simply lay the sachet out to air dry.

Is it possible to use detergent alongside Puremagtrix?

Using detergent is not a necessary, but it is an option.

If you decide to use detergent, we recommend opting for a non-toxic detergent and using approximately half or less than your usual amount.

Please refrain from using chlorine-based detergents with Puremagtrix, as they are not compatible.

Is it possible to use PureMagtrix at a laundromat?

Yes, you can use Puremagtrix at a laundromat. However, we recommend ensuring that the washing machine you use is clean and free from moldy buildup.

If you use a machine with moldy residue, it can mix with your laundry and cause unpleasant odors. PureMagtrix has the capability to break down this moldy residue, releasing it into your laundry. Therefore, it's important to make sure the washing machine is mold-free before using Puremagtrix for your laundry.