PureMagtrix Laundry Detergent Sachet

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in each PureMagtrix Laundry Sachet?
Each sachet contains approximately 170 grams of 99.9% pure magnesium granules.

How does PureMagtrix Laundry Sachet work?
When PureMagtrix is placed in the washing machine with water, the magnesium within the sachet begins to react with the water creating hydrogen bubbles changing to magnesium hydroxide. This reaction transforms ordinary tap water into ionized alkaline water and reduces the surface tension of the water making it a powerful dirt and odor remover.

How long does each PureMagtrix Sachet last?
Each sachet is reusable for a minimum of 300 washes. Often times a single sachet will last well beyond 300 washes providing most households an entire year's worth of washing laundry. We love to under promise and overdeliver!

How do I know when it is time to replace PureMagtrix Sachet?
Each PureMagtrix Sachet weighs approximately 170 grams. It is time to replace the sachet when the weight of the sachet drops below 80 grams.

What do I do with the remaining magnesium granules in the sachet?
Do NOT throw your used PureMagtrix Sachet away! The used laundry sachet can be utilized with the new laundry sachet for enhanced cleaning power or plant the remaining magnesium in the garden or potted plants to enrich the soil.

How does the laundry smell after using PureMagtrix Laundry Sachet?
PureMagtrix is fragrance-free and will leave your laundry scentless with an overall clean, fresh smell making it ideal for anyone looking for a way to protect your family by reducing exposure to harsh, toxic chemicals, babies, those struggling with skin sensitivities/allergies, any anyone hypersensitive to smells.

What if I wash large loads of laundry?
If you tend to do larger loads, use 2 PureMagtrix Sachets to increase the cleaning power. Just like traditional powder and liquid soaps, the larger the load, the more detergent is needed. 1 PureMagtrix Sachet will effectively clean a small to average size load of laundry.

Will PureMagtrix remove stains?
PureMagtrix is not a stain remover per se but can help loosen simple stains. No harsh toxic chemicals such as bleach or brightening agents are used in PureMagtrix. To remove tough stains, we suggest using an eco-friendly, chemical-free stain remover and/or eco-friendly, chemical-free chlorine/bleach-free laundry booster. (Psst...we have a laundry booster and stain remover coming.)

What if I prefer scented laundry?
There are several ways to add scent to your laundry when using PureMagtrix.

1 – Add 4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend directly to the wash water.

2 – Add ¼ cup water and 4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend to the detergent dispenser.

3 – Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend to dryer balls.

If you choose to use essential oils in your washing water, the scent will be very light due to PureMagtrix’s odor removing ability.

Can I leave the sachet in the washing machine when not in use?
No, we recommend you set the sachet out to air dry when not in use. If left in the washing machine when not in use, it tends to take longer to dry out which can shorten the life of PureMagtrix and decrease the cleaning power as unnecessary oxidation can occur.

Does PureMagtrix work in hot and cold water?

Does PureMagtrix work in front-load, top-load, and older style washing machines?

Will PureMagtrix damage my clothing?
No, PureMagtrix is 100% free of harsh toxic chemicals and is gentle on fabrics protecting them by preserving fibers and colors leaving fabric soft.

Can PureMagtrix be used on delicate fabrics?
Yes. PureMagtrix can also be used to hand wash delicate fabrics.

Is the magnesium in the sachet a fire hazard?
No, magnesium does not burn below 600 degrees Celsius.


PureMagtrix Tips & Trix

~Skip the rinse cycle when using PureMagtrix Laundry Sachet to wash your laundry and save time, energy, and water. It is not necessary as there is NO soap to rinse out of your laundry. However, if you have an extra dirty load, let the rinse cycle run. You are essentially washing your laundry twice.

~PureMagtrix Sachet will not only get your laundry clean but will clean your washing machine and keep it clean! Yep, that’s right…NO MORE STINKY WASHING MACHINES or having to use harsh chemical tablets to clean the tub of your washing machine. If you have residue build up in your washing machine, place 1 PureMagtrix Sachet in your washing machine, select the longest speed wash, and run the cycle without any laundry. We recommend doing this before you do you wash your first load of laundry using PureMagtrix. 

~To revive and enhance the cleaning power of PureMagtrix Sachet, submerge sachet in distilled white vinegar for 4-5 minutes, thoroughly rinse with water, and air dry. (Don't panic, there will be a reaction that increases the temperature of the vinegar and hydrogen bubbles/gas will be created. It's kind of fun doing this with your kids.) It is recommended to do this monthly due to the surface of the magnesium granules oxidizing which decreases the cleaning power of PureMagtrix.