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Milantrix is on a mission to help you protect your family, save time and money, and make household chores -  like laundry - effortless.

We get it - we all want fresh, clean laundry but do not want our families exposed to the harsh, toxic chemicals. We definitely do NOT want to spend an arm and leg on pure, clean products. Simple processes that save us time are always a big win, and that is how our journey began.  

Our family has experienced first-hand the frustration and challenge of finding quality laundry products that are free of toxic chemicals that actually work, are reasonably priced, and don’t cause extreme itching and rashes. Two out of three of her children have skin sensitivities and finding the right laundry products has been nearly impossible. After years of trying different detergents and softeners, we resorted to using hot water only for undergarments. 

You can imagine our excitement when we discovered the power of magnesium to naturally clean laundry without itching and breaking out in rashes. The bonus was that the laundry smelled fresh and was clean! We knew we had to share this amazing alternative with others, but we also wanted to take it a few steps further.

Being a busy mom, I am always looking for ways to save money, time, keep my family safe, and just make daily chores easier. And that is how Milantrix began.


  • Helps you protect your family.
  • Saves you a TON of money. 
  • Saves you time.
  • Eliminates the messes.
  • Make the chore of laundry effortless. 

Milantrix is built on integrity, authenticity, and quality while always doing our very best to make sure YOU are well taken care of. We are ready to join hands with you, bringing the very best in non-toxic laundry solutions.

Get started today…you will be glad you did!